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All friends of Assumption are very welcome to join the Community of Lay Assumption (CLAy).  As CLAy, we receive on-going formation in the spirituality of Marie Eugenie and commit to live out the Assumption Way of Life.  We come together in prayer circles and share our faith journeys with one another.

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Looking for a deeper path?

If you...
  • are between 25-29 years old
  • have a personal love for Jesus Christ
  • enjoy sharing life in community
  • desire to learn more about prayer
  • have passion for the mission of education
  • are a College Graduate
COME and join us!
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Sr. Regina Victoria Yulo, r.a.
Co-Executive Director

Founded in 1992 as the Significant Act of the Centennial Year of Assumption presence in the Philippines, the Marie Eugenie Institute is a Center for Research and Adult Formation on the philosophy and principles of education of St. Marie Eugenie Milleret de Brou, Foundress of the Congregation of the Religious of the Assumption.

By its organizational structure, the partnership between the Assumption sisters and their Lay Friends is expressed:

The Marie Eugenie Institute has a Board of Trustees composed of 15 members, 8 sisters and 7 lay. Each Trustee has a renewable term of 4 years.
The Officers of the Board consisting of the President, Vice-President, Secretary, and Treasurers are elected annually during the Annual Meeting usually held on March 10. Two (2) officers must be sisters while the other 2 officers must be lay.

The Board appoints the Managing Team of the Institute consisting of two (2) Co-Executive Directors: 1 sister and 1 lay. Since 1992, the Managing Team was Mother Carmen Reyes, r.a. and Ma. Stella D. Rufino. When Mother Carmen Reyes, r.a. passed away in 2005, she was replaced by Sis. Regina Victoria Yulo, r.a. in 2006 for a term of 4 years until 2010. In 2006, Ms. Rufino was also renewed for a 4th term until 2010. In 2010 Miss Bubut L. Neri assumed the lay Co-Executive Director position -- upon retirement of Ma. Stella D. Rufino, alongside incumbent  Co-Executive Director, Sis. Regina Victoria Yulo, r.a.

Research Work of the Marie Eugenie Institute:

As a Research Center, the Marie Eugenie Institute has an extensive source content on the teachings of St. Marie Eugenie in English. The content consists mostly of writings of St. Marie Eugenie and other related studies.

Training and Formation of the Marie Eugenie Institute:

As an Adult Training and Formation Center, the Marie Eugenie Institute designs and conducts various training programs on the philosophy and pedagogy, spirituality, and teachings of St. Marie Eugenie. These programs are offered and given to teachers of Assumption Schools of the Philippine-Thialand Province, to parents, alumnae, and Friends of the Assumption.

These are:
  • For faculty & staff:
The Assumption Educators' Formation Program (AEFP). This 4-yr program is given to all teachers of the Assumption schools of the Philippine-Thailand Province in order to familiarize them with the pedagogy of St. Marie Eugenie. It is Assumption's way of ensuring that the teachers understand, internalize, and are able to apply the pedagogy -- Christianization of the Intelligence and Character Formation -- in their teachings.

For parents and alumnae:

TAHANan - a parenting module specially designed to familiarize parents on St. Marie Eugenie's teachings on character formation, faith formation, and leadership for service of the young. It also increases the awareness of the parents in their role in the development of a truly Christian home that nurtures and forms society's future Christian leaders.

For friends of the Assumption and anyone who would like to follow the Assumption Spirituality:

LifePaths - a weekly journal to accompany those who wish to embark on a spiritual journey with St. Marie Eugenie. It follows certain themes that marked the journey of the first Assumption and the Assumption family through the years all over the world.

Ms. Bubut Neri
Co-Executive Director