Assumption Educators Formation Program

Faculty and Staff of all the schools of the Assumption Philippine-Thailand Province are required to attend this 3-year course upon being hired. The Program is conducted annually on a Regional basis: Luzon and Visayas. 

The Assumption presence in Mindanao is by affiliation to the local church of Mindanao (Kauswagan and Kibangay) and to the Campus Ministry of the University of Ateneo in Cagayan de Oro. 

Although the AEFP is not extended to the faculty and staff of the schools being managed by Assumption for the Diocesan Church nor for the Campus Ministry group of Ateneo, the sisters in these communities attend the Visayas Regional Sessions and echo highlights of the sessions to their faculty and staff upon their return. 

In Thailand, the Assumption sisters have shared the Formation Track 1 to the faculty of St. John University in Bangkok and in a mission school in Thabom. The program has been adapted to fit the Thai culture. 

The AEFP is a developmental training program. Attendance to Track 1 must first be accomplished before the participant is eligible to attend Track 2. Attendance to Track 2 must first be accomplished before the participant is eligible for Track 3. 

Upon completion of the 3 Tracks, the participants are given a Certificate of Completion and are bone fide members of the Marie Eugenie Institute. see list of past Tracks Participants