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All friends of Assumption are very welcome to join the Community of Lay Assumption (CLAy).  As CLAy, we receive on-going formation in the spirituality of Marie Eugenie and commit to live out the Assumption Way of Life.  We come together in prayer circles and share our faith journeys with one another.

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Looking for a deeper path?

If you...
  • are between 25-29 years old
  • have a personal love for Jesus Christ
  • enjoy sharing life in community
  • desire to learn more about prayer
  • have passion for the mission of education
  • are a College Graduate
COME and join us!
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The Marie Eugenie Institute offers various programs specifically designed for its various clientele: faculty and staff, parents, alumnae, and friends.

ASSUMPTION EDUCATORS' FORMATION PROGRAM (AEFP): For the Faculty and staff of Assumption schools especially in the Philippine-Thailand Province.

To-date, the MEI has 555 members. 
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LIFEPATHS: The program presents various themes that St. Marie Eugenie wrote extensively on. These are:
  • God and the Present Moment
  • God and Our Vocation
  • The Mystery of the Incarnation
  • Transformation in Christ
  • Mary
  • The Kingdom
    • Extending the Kingdom
      • In ourselves
      • In the world
    • Obstacles to the Kingdom
  • Christianization of the Intelligence
  • Virtues Proper to the Assumption
    • Humility
    • Joyful Detachment
    • Conformity and Abandonment to the Will of God
    • Love of Our Neighbor
    • The Spirit of Sacrifice
    • Natural Virtues as the Foundation of Supernatural
      • Virtues
      • Straightforwardness
      • Honor
      • Kindness
      • Courage
      • Simplicity
  • Church
  • Liturgy
  • Contemplative Life
TAHANAN - a parenting module specially designed to familiarize parents on St. Marie Eugenie's teachings on character formation, faith formation, and leadership for service of the young. It also increases the awareness of the parents in their role in the development of a truly Christian home that nurtures and forms society's future Christian leaders.

CLAy Formation Programs - in partnership with Provincial Lay Representative for Assumption Together, the Marie Eugenie Institute was requested to undertake the Formation Program for the different groups of Assumption Together. To-date, the Formation Programs for the Community of Lay Assumption (CLAy) are:
  1. Pre-Commitment Program - given to those who seek to commit to the deeper spiritual path to holiness of St. Marie Eugenie. The topics given in this program are based on the teachings/writings of St. Marie Eugenie, following the 4 aspects of the Way of Life for the Lay, as follows:
    • Perfect Knowledge & Love of Jesus Christ / Jesus in the Assumption
    • Prayer 
    • Community in the Assumption
    • Mission and Service
  2. Ongoing Formation Program for Committed Members- given to those who have decided to commit to CLAy. Being an ongoing Formation Program, the topics listed herein are only those that have already been given:
    • Adoration of the Rights of God
    • Faith & Love of Truth
    • Paschal Moments of Marie Eugenie
    • Perfect Love of Jesus Christ: Humility
    • Perfect Love of Jesus Christ: Charity
    • Joyful Detachment
    • Love of the Divine Office
    • Anniversary of the Congregation
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